There is a shift that’s beginning in the Christian music realm. For most of the last few years worship has been centered around soaking while God has been putting on the hearts of many in the music realm a different sound. The sound being heard in the music is the sound of the heart of the father from the heavenly dimensional realms.

As the song writer for The Elastic Army Band, the songs coming forth from us are revealing different dimensions of relationship. In my last article I wrote about everyone has a sound. When we enter in, a sound bubbles up flowing in the spirit and there is where you are totally surrendered and abiding. When we are engaging that realm the sounds of heaven are released.

There are hidden ones who right now are in garages and home studios that I refer to as underground artist that are creating beautiful songs and melodies. God isn’t wanting us to stick with a same genre of music he is wanting to reveal songs for this next age as he loves all kinds of music. I’ve heard many Christian artist ask the question recently, where is the creativity? So much of what we hear are covers that the worship is an echo of someone else’s song.

The Hidden Ones

Currently these hidden ones are creating music from the depths and revelation with words and melodies that are very different that are yet to be released. Although lots of information has been out there on vibrations and frequencies (Quantum Physics) for quite some time now we are seeing it more prevalent than before with musicians changing from the 440 MHz to other frequencies like 432 MHz. Each frequency has a function that your inner being and our DNA responds to. Have you ever noticed that if you hear certain songs you can be happy or sad? here’s why…

Your body is made mostly of water in which the frequencies and vibrations effect you. When we are engaging with those frequencies and vibrations of heaven you are coming into alignment with heaven and the same with negative sounds and words, they effect your inner being, shifting our DNA There are many scriptures that refer to vibrations…we see it as written in the word… the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters and the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary. In these scriptures that speaks about hovering or overshadowing …which means to vibrate. Another is singing in the spirit. When we all as a body come together engaging speaking or singing in the spirit there becomes a harmony and all of heaven joins in. We come together in unity, worshiping God, releasing a sound of intercession into the atmosphere–again, in unity–we are causing a physical change in the atmosphere. When we come into agreement with God’s ways with His purposes and desires, we cause the earth to vibrate with the frequency of Heaven. There will be a fullness released into the atmosphere when unity between Heaven and earth (the desires of God) begin to manifest. The vibration of the sounds coming from Heaven and the vibration of the sounds coming from the earth will meet.

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