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In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is joined by Dr.O (Adonijah Ogbonnaya) as they discuss interacting with the spirit world as believers and the idea of reconciling demons and fallen angels & Ancestral Communion.
Dr.O says that one of the biggest downfalls of the Christian church is that believers do not truly know the power that they possess in Christ. When the believer does who they are in Christ they will settle for second best and cheap alternatives that lead many astray and away from the truth that is in Jesus.
Dr.O also urges believers to stay away from the practice of reconciling demons, fallen angels and disembodied spirits such as ancestors. He likens the practice to necromancy and says that we do not have any scriptural reference to entertain such practices. Within the soul of every human is the longing for the supernatural yet there is a right and wrong way to engage with the spirit world. We are given many examples within the scriptures of other worldly interaction with beings both malevolent and benevolent. Much like humans these beings can be self-serving and deceiving and others work for God to bring about the greater good for mankind. The folly is when a believer tries to initiate an encounter outside of communion directly with the Father.
I also asked Dr.O about the late African shaman healer Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa whom he spoke highly of his wisdom of African spiritual tradition, folklore and history.

Check out Dr.O’s Work At https://www.aactev8.com/

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