Teaching by Dr. Caroline Leaf

By Bralynn Newby

There is nothing in our physical, genetic makeup that is created or wired for any sort of negativity. Nothing. Sickness, disease, fear, anger, hatred, depression, anxiety—all of it is learned behavior—right down to the cellular level of cancer cells learning to mutate. We are designed and wired for perfection—for love. The natural craving of mankind is toward positivity, right thinking, thriving relationships, health. When any part of our thinking or physical body is in the toxic zone, we naturally don’t like it; it’s uncomfortable, painful.

Science proves we are spiritual beings. Quantum Physics is the deepest science, and points to the most fundamental reality. As you go smaller and smaller, to particles and atoms, and finally all the way to nothing, there’s still something, energy—consciousness. Our ability to think and feel and choose uniquely is our unique expression of consciousness, which comes from a source.  And of course, we know that source is God.

Our spirit is designed to lead our soul, which is our mind, will and emotions. Our soul is not designed to operate spiritless—without consciousness. Although God gave us free will, and we have the ability to choose, and in fact are choosing every moment, there is an obvious natural flow of our choices toward our design, toward our creator. Our spirit is designed to be led by the Spirit of God.

Dr. Leaf says, “The most important thing I can teach you is to set up a constant internal dialog with Holy Spirit.” This sets a natural accountability guard rail in place to keep us in the flow of love and out of the toxic zone. It’s here in this love zone where we can thrive in our unique expression of who we were created to be, and to be fully alive, fully living out our destiny.

Choose To Step In

Because we live in a world where we are faced with challenges and circumstances and moment-by-moment choices to make, as intelligent beings we’re going to have to think about what we’re going through. We’re going to feel what we’re going through, and we’re going to make choices about what we’re going through. We do this 40 times every second in our conscious mind—and even faster in our non-conscious. The only way we are going to operate in our love, power and soundness zone, which is our “Perfect You” zone, is to choose to step into it. That is where God is, and where we are designed and naturally inclined to operate.

Every choice we make builds genetic expression in our brains. We create matter from our thoughts by building neural networks in our brain, either healthy ones, or toxic ones. When we choose to live by the influences of the world around us without the discerning of Holy Spirit, we become atheistic Christians, professing a belief, but choosing the toxic zone where God does not exist. None of us are perfect, and we all make wrong choices, which is why we are encouraged to renew and keep renewing our minds. We must continually tear down the toxic neural pathways and create new, healthy ones with our thoughts. A yo-yo lifestyle of habitually choosing fear, doubt, depression, victimhood, and so on, yet confessing to be Spirit-led actually causes brain damage. In fact, the quality of what we are thinking about, the feelings we have, and the choices we make determines the quality of what our brains and body look like.

In The Image (An Exact 3D Copy) Of Our Creator

Because we do physically create either toxicity or health in our brains moment by moment, we have the capacity to create both beauty and chaos in the world around us. Every moment is a genesis moment because we never stop creating. When God created us with free will, he knew we would then have the capacity to literally self-destruct by the damage we create with wrong thoughts and wrong choice. But in his infinite wisdom, and limitless love for us, he also created a huge cushion of grace. Science shows that the extent of the damage we can do to our brain is actually limited to about 3% of its total capacity—which is enormous. Current studies have shown that our brains can hold at least 3 million years worth of memories and data. However, just like a tiny bit of dog food would spoil a whole batch of cookies, just a few negative patterns or beliefs can derail us from being our “perfect you,” thriving and fulfilling our destiny.

So many people feel “stuck” in life. And they literally are. When the same negative patterns keep occurring in our lives, it’s because our brain is stalled out in the “superposition” of making a decision.  Like a wave crests and then collapses, science calls the moment when a decision is to me made “superposition.” Our brain is designed to peak, and then collapse naturally into the decision, but when we stall out and have fear around it, we cause exhaustion and damage. It’s literally painful to continue making choices out of habit, rather than being led by Holy Spirit and choosing to operate in the love zone.

Get Back To Love

When we are in alignment with Holy Spirit, we activate the natural pharmacopeia to heal ourselves. We strengthen our ability to hear and discern, and build strong, healthy neural networks that affect every other area of our lives. It’s here in the love zone that God has given us all the ingredients we need to create a fabulously rich and meaningful life. Here we can access the substance and evidence of our own healing.

Our choice to operate in the love zone impacts others as well. We were designed to live in community, in relationship. Science calls this quantum entanglement. When we are immersed and entangled with each other in love, we physically empower each other to have the courage to make right decisions, to heal, to thrive. This is why it’s so important to reach out to serve and give and love others when we don’t feel like it, when we’re hurting, or feeling depressed. The very act of connecting empowers us to begin the healing cycle to get back on track with our destiny.

The practical strategy for getting back to love is this: thankfulness, praise, and worship. This sequence sets us up to step in. With thankfulness we bring our attention to the fact that God is always looking, always listening. Quantum theory says that if the Source of our consciousness were to stop looking, all that exists would fade into nothingness. Be thankful he’s looking. Next, praise. God inhabits the praises of his people, so this is a deeper connection. Our brains fire even more and networks start forming. We increase the neuroplasticity of the brain and new growth of dendrites happens, which gives us strength. Finally, worship. This step is completely devoted to thinking about God. In this reverence we begin to bring heaven to earth with our thoughts toward our loving Creator, our Source. In this intimate moment of worship, completely entangled with God, we feel his limitless love and can’t imagine ever being created for anything else.

Originally published in Megamorphosis Magazine Issue 7 by Bralynn Newby, with SpiritCenteredBusiness.com. Leaf, Caroline. “Mind-Body Connection | Dr. Caroline Leaf | HSC’ 17.” Abundant Life Syracuse. Feb 27, 2017. https://youtu.be/skh2iAr8SWc