Author: Karen Britt

Flowing in The Spirit Zone

There is a shift that’s beginning in the Christian music realm. For most of the last few years worship has been centered around soaking while God has been putting on the hearts of many in the music realm a different sound. The sound being heard in the music is the sound of the heart of the father from the heavenly dimensional realms. As the song writer for The Elastic Army Band, the songs coming forth from us are revealing different dimensions of relationship. In my last article I wrote about everyone has a sound. When we enter in, a...

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Ascending Up- A Fresh Fragrance

As I begin to write this article so many things are running through my mind that I go, where do I begin to touch on the subject about the worship in it’s current state in the four walls and where is it going as the shift is now beginning?. Today we see so many times during worship there are monitors with words posted for the songs with the body trying to follow along staring at the words with eyes wide open. When you pan around the room there are many holding back from emotion and a display of their...

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