Author: Bralynn Newby

Has “Self-Help” Failed You?

Get UNSTUCK in every area…not just Business. Hey There,I discovered a mindset shifting tool with a 97% success rate! I’ve lost 12 pounds, gotten 200% more speaking gigs, grown my tribe, and improved a few key relationships in my life.  And I want this for you too. Gil Hodges and I have researched some great tools, and applied our 2nd principle of Spirit-Centered Business (ACCESS), and designed a brand new training.  This idea could change your life as you know it…And we want to give it to you absolutely FREE. Join us for this ground-breaking webinar.Monday, July 8th at...

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The Big Shift

Bralynn Newby | Moving Beyond Church My heart went cold and my blood boiled as my jaw dropped.  In a business seminar, a “Spiritual Intuitive Guide” was getting coaching on how to raise her rates, because she was only getting $5,000 for a 1-hour phone call every other week for 3 months to help “mystics access their power and find their grounding point.”  Yes. People are so lost and disoriented that they pay spiritualists $833 per hour to get grounded. Meanwhile Christians will “pray about” going to a 3-day retreat to have a deeper encounter with God for $297....

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Divine Design

Teaching by Dr. Caroline Leaf By Bralynn Newby There is nothing in our physical, genetic makeup that is created or wired for any sort of negativity. Nothing. Sickness, disease, fear, anger, hatred, depression, anxiety—all of it is learned behavior—right down to the cellular level of cancer cells learning to mutate. We are designed and wired for perfection—for love. The natural craving of mankind is toward positivity, right thinking, thriving relationships, health. When any part of our thinking or physical body is in the toxic zone, we naturally don’t like it; it’s uncomfortable, painful. Science proves we are spiritual beings....

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