As I begin to write this article so many things are running through my mind that I go, where do I begin to touch on the subject about the worship in it’s current state in the four walls and where is it going as the shift is now beginning?.

Today we see so many times during worship there are monitors with words posted for the songs with the body trying to follow along staring at the words with eyes wide open. When you pan around the room there are many holding back from emotion and a display of their worship because of the heaps of contempt dripping out from the spirit of Michal. For whatever reason the constraints the body is going through its time to worship like David. I am writing this to share the Father’s heart so that you can be set free.

There is a shift in the worship realm that is beginning. Many people who are called in the ministry are waking up to carry out the mandate God has put on their hearts. Let me introduce myself, I am the lead vocalist for The Elastic Army Band, we write and arrange original songs that God puts on our hearts. Many of our songs are engaging in heavenly messages from relationship to ascending. Our style of music has a rock influence which that is the genre that God has us set in, its very natural flow for our team. This is where the challenge has been for us. It is often not the sound the church is looking for. The protocol for some time now has strictly been soaking music and it’s been the flavor of favor among the body to the point where there is no opening to any other sound to come in.

A Fresh Fragrance Being Released

Our desire is to carry out what’s on our scroll and not to compromise or be an echo of someone else. We want to be used by Yahweh to bring others along with us to ascend into the heavens engaging those realms. That means showing others and encouraging them they have a song inside of them. We don’t post our words on screens, we know that trying to read and keep up with what’s on a screen distracts the body from worshiping freely. You have your own fragrance of song inside. You may not be called to a platform but you have your platform at His feet to pour out your oil.

The Elastic Army Band

When there is a body worshiping freely the atmosphere shifts and portals open, the spirit of Michal gets crushed and the intensity of David like worship happens, The frequency and vibrations from the sounds get released and healing takes place, angels engage in the worship. The joy of the Lord spreads , walls get dismantled and freedom abounds.

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